The best choice for jacquard looms

HETEX harness cord has been internationally known for about 50 years. The company name and proprietors have changed several times over the years, the last time in 1996 when it changed from HETEX Garn AG to HETEX Jacquard AG. Our uncompromising dedication to quality however has not changed. Innovation and the striving for perfection determine our actions.

Under the leadership of Hanspeter and Thomas Hümbelin, the HETEX Jacquard AG has been concentrating on its core business, the manufacturing of harness cord for 15 years now. All activities not concerning our core business are handled by our affiliated company Cortex Hümbelin AG. We thereby ensure that the production is carefully monitored down to the smallest detail.

In order to protect our expertise all relevant production processes are strictly done in Switzerland. The HETEX Jacquard AG is a supplier of mechanical engineers, harness builders and weaving mills. We export into all continents.